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MBK Homes Brings Project Back After Delay of Nearly Eight Years

Nearly eight years after being announced, a single-family housing project by MBK Homes is coming together in Fair Oaks.

[ Posted January, 29th 2015 ]

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Seeking Stability, MBK DiversifIEs with Rentals

MBK Homes, looking for a counter-cyclical answer to the Great Recession, found one in multifamily.

[ Posted December, 19th 2014 ]

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Builder & Developer: Sea House Community " Breaks the Mold"

Strengthening its reputation as a customer-centric producer of shelter, Irvine, Calif.-based MBK Homes has pushed the development envelope once again.

[ Posted December, 15th 2014 ]

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MBK Homes Named Top-rated Builder in North AmeriCAby Eliant

The award underscores MBK's deep commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction

[ Posted March, 31st 2014 ]

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For-sale Multi-family Housing Picks Up Steam

The rental market is still hot, but it's no longer the only game in town. Buyers are dipping their toes into for-sale multi-family housing again.

[ Posted June, 13th 2012 ]

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Smi Magazine: Competing to Beat Foreclosures (may-june)

Builders must work harder than ever to compete in today's challenging market, where new product accounts for a paltry share of home sales, and foreclosures continue to eat into our business. However, success is attainable if we keep innovation in mind

[ Posted May, 9th 2012 ]

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